I have volunteered with Jefferson County Mediation Services, Court Mediation Services, and have mediated cases in Denver, Boulder, Jefferson and Eagle counties.

            My private mediation services include resolving disputes in litigation, within families,

between neighbors, and between employees and employers.  I  really believe that mediation

usually achieves a better outcome for the parties than continuing litigation. Pre and post-divorce mediation keeps the focus on the best interest of the children as well as the realistic financial circumstances of the husband and wife.   Neighbor mediation is oftentimes the best way to approach disputes between people that continue to live near each other.  And, to preserve the continued relationship of the employee and employer, (if that is desired) mediation is frequently very effective.

            All these disputes are stressful, time-consuming and expensive.  Mediation clarifies the issues and the process helps  the parties  achieve   their compromised results instead of having outcomes dictated to them by the courts or third parties.

            Call me to discuss your mediation needs.  I would like to help.